It keeps your loyalty cards in one place and means that you won’t forget them. It also allows a trader to send you information without it taking up too much space in your email inbox or letterbox, and without sending you too many text messages.



Download iMiniMi

Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to download the iMiniMi app free of charge.



Quickly fill in the form. Respecting your privacy is extremely important to iMiniMi. We won’t ask your name or your address. We won’t know who you are, so we won’t be able to tell anyone.


Use iMiniMi

When you are visiting a business that uses iMiniMi, tell them when you pay that you want to create a loyalty card or add points, and this will be done in a few seconds. No more stamps on paper cards.

Collect points

When you have collected all the points on a loyalty card, you can claim your reward from the business concerned, as before.



Get tips from your traders

As a loyal customer, your merchant can provide you with exclusive information and promotions. You receive its messages directly in your iMiniMi app, without cluttering your SMS, your e-mails or your mailbox.

Suggest iMiniMi to traders

If a trader does not use iMiniMi, suggest it to them and earn money every month by becoming a MiniBacker.


It’s as easy as that