Collecting loyalty cards for all the businesses you visit fills up your purse or wallet, and most of the time you forget about them. Keep all your loyalty cards together in a single app with iMiniMi.

How does iMiniMi work ?


iMiniMi is a mobile app that allows you to store all your loyalty cards very easily and find out when you can benefit from discounts or free products from your local traders. Once you have downloaded iMiniMi, all you need to do is register.

iMiniMi is above all a local development tool

iMiniMi is so much more than just an app. We are convinced that local business is essential to our economy and even to our society.

By using the iMiniMi app you will help traders to enjoy features that have, up to now, been reserved for the richest businesses, and that will help them to thrive in your neighbourhood, town or village.


Become a MiniBacker and earn money every month


At iMiniMi we are convinced that companies should share their wealth with users rather than redistributing it among rich shareholders on the other side of the world.

We have therefore invented the concept of a “MiniBacker”. This is an operation based on the sharing of income, to help local development. Because you too have the right to increase your income.

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