The big names use major advertising media to attract your customers: TV, radio and internet advertising campaigns, selling products online with home delivery, etc. What would you say to having access to the same tools as the major brands to communicate with your customers? iMiniMi is the mobile app to get you back in the game for a very low price.



Communicate with your customers and pass on information to them instantly to draw their attention to your business, directly to their phone.


Loyalty card

Gain the loyalty of your customers with the iMiniMi app. They will always have their loyalty card with them and will know when then can benefit from their offer.


Automatic reminders

Your customers will automatically receive reminders to come to your business to use their loyalty points.

What is iMiniMi?


92% of people today have a loyalty card, but only 12% are used because they have been lost or forgotten. With the iMiniMi app, physical versions of loyalty cards will no longer be needed. Your customer receives their points directly on their phone.

How does iMiniMi work?

Firstly register your business and create your iMiniMi loyalty card. Then add points for your customers and communicate with them.


At iMiniMi, we do it because we believe in it


Our aim is to give power back to traders and small businesses by giving them simple and effective tools to allow them to thrive in their local area and provide high-quality services for their customers.