Find out the charges for the features of iMiniMi PRO, the app that brings you, the trader, and your customers together. Access features that have, up to now, been reserved for large retailers to allow your business to thrive.


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Frequently asked questions


Where can I find answers to my questions?

You will find below our answers to the questions asked most frequently, but you can find an answer to all your questions on our help site :

Is iMiniMi a loyalty card app?

iMiniMi is an app that brings traders and customers together. The loyalty card is just one of its possibilities. The more users we have, the more features we can add. And we’re not short of ideas !

How can I download the app?

If you are using a smartphone with an Apple or Android operating system, please visit your store to download the iMiniMi app, if you are an individual, or the iMiniMi PRO app, if you are a trader, free of charge.

Will I lose my iMiniMi account if I uninstall the app or change my phone?

No, just connect to your account using your login details.

If I change my phone number will I lose my iMiniMi account?

You must transfer your account to your new phone number so as not to lose your account.

Answers for traders


If I have trouble using the app, who should I contact?

You should contact your backer in all circumstances. They will show you how to use the app or will set things up for you (loyalty cards, notifications) if you are having trouble.

Do traders have to have a backer?

Yes, each iMiniMi PRO account must be linked to a backer (known as a MiniBacker).

Can one of my employees or someone in my family be my MiniBacker ?

Yes, anyone can become a backer with a MiniBacker account. However, you can only change your MiniBacker with their agreement.

Answers for MiniBackers


What do I need to do to become a MiniBacker?

All you need is an account created on You will then be able to approach traders to suggest that they use iMiniMi Pro. You will be the backer for each trader who takes out a subscription. You will then receive money every month and will answer any questions they may have.

How many traders do I need to back to receive money?

You earn money when you back your first trader.

How much money will I earn each month?

You will receive a third of the subscription of each trader you back. When new features are added, if you convince the trader to subscribe, the amount you receive will change accordingly.

How many traders can I back at the same time?

The maximum number of traders you can back at the same time is 15.

When will I receive my MiniIncome?

As soon as the traders you back use iMiniMi, you will receive money every month. This unearned income is paid within 30 days of payment being made by the trader.



iMiniMi : Name of the app for customers. Its logo is blue.

iMiniMi PRO : Name of the app for traders, which will allow them to use all features. Its logo is red.

MiniBacker : These are the people who spread the word about iMiniMi and who, in return, receive money every month for having convinced traders to use iMiniMi PRO.