Register your business very quickly


Add points

Add loyalty points to your customers’ cards very quickly and easily

Invite your customers to download iMiniMi and accept your loyalty card

Download iMiniMi PRO

Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to download the iMiniMi PRO app (red logo) free of charge and install it on your smartphone.


Take out a subscription for your business

To register your business, simply fill in the form for traders.


Create your loyalty card

Create a card very easily by providing information about your loyalty programme.

Suggest iMiniMi to your customers!

The more iMiniMi users there are in your sector, the more your publicity will be seen. Become a MiniSponsor by suggesting iMiniMi to your customers and enjoy the benefits. For you to benefit, your customers will indicate your iMiniMi username when they register.



Communicate with your customers

A novelty, information to pass on to your customers? Send them a message directly on their iMiniMi app. No need to pay for SMS campaigns, emails or direct mail. You communicate directly with your customers.

Add loyalty points to your customers’ cards

Launch iMiniMi PRO, which will detect your customer, and add a loyalty point easily by clicking on +



Automatic reminders

Configure your automatic reminders so your customers will no longer forget to visit you. They will receive a reminder and build up points when they visit.

It’s as easy as that