Regardless of your type of business, iMiniMi brings you and your customers together thanks to a number of features.


Personalised messages

Interactive loyalty cards

Automatic reminders


Have you not had any passing trade today?

Have you received a great product or something new and want to let customers know?

You can communicate with your customers and pass on information to them instantly to draw their attention to your business, using their phone’s notifications.

Interactive loyalty card

The customers you invite to take a loyalty card will always have it with them. You can add points from your phone and maintain a relationship with them so that they will come back to your business more often.

Automatic reminders

iMiniMi takes care of everything: your customers will automatically be informed when their loyalty card is almost full. Your customers will be satisfied and will come back to you because you pay them special attention.


And soon there will be new features to make your business even more effective…