Let’s make business local again!

We believe that local businesses are the heart and soul of towns and villages. They bring town centres to life and bring residents together, allowing everyone access to high-quality products and services.

Unfortunately, every day you see the influence and power of large retailers who can spend millions of euros to draw in huge numbers of customers and make sure they come back. The wealth of our towns and villages is therefore redistributed among large shareholders.

Let’s give joy back to towns and villages !

We would like to see more small businesses repopulate villages and town centres, bringing them to life. We would like to see traders who are close to their customers and offer them high-quality products and services that large retailers would never be able to provide.


iMiniMi chooses a fairer system!

Customer or trader, everyone’s a winner! To get everyone involved in developing local business, iMiniMi has developed the concept of a "MiniBacker" for individuals and a "MiniSponsor" for traders.

  • People who back businesses receive a third of the business’s iMiniMi subscription for as long as they have one.

  • Businesses who sponsor their customers to use iMiniMi communicate with them free of charge and will also enjoy other benefits later.