Let’s make business local again !

We believe that local businesses are the heart and soul of towns and villages. They bring town centres to life and bring residents together, allowing everyone quick access to products and services.

Unfortunately, every day you see the influence and power of large retailers who can spend millions or even billions of euros to draw in huge numbers of consumers and make sure they come back.


We would like to see more small businesses repopulate villages and town centres, bringing them to life, and traders who are close to their customers and provide them with high-quality products and services that large retailers will never be able to provide.

We would like to see traders and their customers take local development in hand and give joy back to their neighbourhoods.

iMiniMi chooses small businesses.

User or trader, everyone’s a winner!

We don’t think that a minority who are already very rich, the large shareholders who already hold a large share of global capital, should have the money and continue to become wealthy. We prefer to share iMiniMi’s success with those who contribute to it.

Why not you? iMiniMi has developed the concept of a "MiniBacker" because you too have the right to live according to the same principle.


iMiniMi pays a third of its profits to people who tell traders about the app for as long as the traders who are backed have a subscription. Thus, you play an active role in developing local business in your area while accumulating regular additional income.

How do we redistribute the money to you? We have chosen to have no shareholders, except you!

We respect all our users!

At a time when people’s privacy is under threat from numerous IT companies, iMiniMi chooses to only request the MiniMum of information from its users.


We will only ask for personal information from those who choose to be a MiniBacker, for obvious reasons of protection against embezzlement and money laundering. But even then, we will protect your information within the legal limits.

iMiniMi is determined to remain a transparent app with no hidden secrets and one that is faithful to its values.