We have designed a system to help local businesses thrive. But more than that, we would like income to be redistributed more fairly.

To spread the word about iMiniMi, we have therefore chosen not to use marketing professionals or traditional advertising, but instead to offer everyone who wants to the chance to earn a bit of money.

But the aim of iMiniMi is not to share income, just the time it takes to spread the word. We’ll take you with us on our adventure and what we pay you is yours, as long as the traders you back have a subscription.


How to become a MiniBacker ?

To become a MiniBacker and thus earn money every month, suggest the iMiniMi app to local traders when you go along to buy your bread, have a drink, have your hair done, etc.

When you’ve convinced them that it will be useful for them, you can help them download the app and register.


First thing, sign up and create your MiniBacker's account. It's FREE, no ties and nothing to buy.


Learn how it all work by watching and readung all the tutorials and support center articles.


Download the customer app (Blue) and the businsess app (red) to test with 2 phones. Access to your démo account are in your Welcome email and your personnal account's homepage).


Have a question ? Not confirtable enough to take the plunge ?, book a cal with one of our Mini Coachs for a one to one coaching session.


Start with your closest business or one that you already know weel. Better backing in the neighbourhood or close to you working area so that you're there if they need support.


We need you to fill in your account thourougly in your personnal account so that we can let you transfer your mini income out.


Your backed businesses' loyalty is very important. We will help you answer all their quetions so that you can keep your Mini Income as long as possible.


As soon as we have new functionnalitieswe promis to give you the opportunity to increase your mini Income. Stay tuned on facebook so you know upfront and have our latest tips and tricks.